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Changes of terms of use and legal terms

The terms of use as well as the legal regulations can be changed at any time and without prior notice as well as the use of the Kaleido Privatbank AG website can be restricted or terminated.

Limited access

The Kaleido Privatbank AG website may not be accessed or used by persons who (in particular due to their nationality and/or residence) are subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits the publication of the content of the Kaleido Privatbank AG website or access to the Kaleido Privatbank AG website. Persons to whom these restrictions apply are prohibited from accessing the Kaleido Privatbank AG website. This applies in particular to legal entities or natural persons who have their registered office or place of residence in the United States, its territories or dependent territories or who are subject to the laws of the USA due to their citizenship or for other reasons. (as defined in the FATCA legislation or as defined by the SEC).

No offer

The information and opinions published on the Kaleido Privatbank AG website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an advertisement, a recommendation, a solicitation, an offer or an invitation to offer (i) to buy or sell any investment instruments, (ii) to engage in any other transactions or (iii) to conclude any other legal acts. It cannot be excluded that the investment instruments and services described are not suitable or not available for you.

No consultation

The information and opinions published on the Kaleido Privatbank AG website are not intended as investment advice and in no way constitute advice on legal, tax, economic or other matters. They are unsuitable as a basis for decision-making. Before you decide on a concrete action, you should seek advice from a specialized expert.

Conflicts of interest

Kaleido Privatbank AG has taken organizational and regulatory precautions to prevent possible conflicts of interest and to handle and/or disclose such conflicts of interest, if any, in accordance with legal requirements.

Ownership, copyright and trademark rights

The copyright and all other rights to all material on this website are either the property of Kaleido Privatbank AG, or the material has been published with the consent of the respective rights holder. The information contained on this website is intended solely for the use of the person accessing it and may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise published to any other person. You may copy the materials on this website solely for your personal or home use. All other forms of copying of content are strictly prohibited. Downloading or printing elements of the Kaleido Privatbank AG website does not transfer any rights, especially rights related to software, trademarks or elements of the Kaleido Privatbank AG website. Kaleido Privatbank AG and other company and brand names of its subsidiaries and partners used on this website are registered trademarks.


Kaleido Privatbank AG makes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is correct and complete at the time of publication. However, Kaleido Privatbank AG assumes no liability for the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of this information and shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the use of such information. This does not exclude or limit those aspects of Kaleido Privatbank AG's obligations and liability towards its clients under Swiss law or any other regulatory system under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction.

 The fact that a user accesses the web pages does not make him a client of Kaleido Privatbank AG.

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Legal validity of the disclaimers

If any provision of this text is or becomes invalid, the content and validity of the other provisions shall not be affected.

Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction

The user access and the use of the Kaleido Privatbank AG website as well as the terms of use are subject to Swiss law with jurisdiction in Zurich, unless mandatory provisions in the user's country conflict with this.

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